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New Year’s Day 2011 – Update

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Surgery, Recovery and Progress at last – July 2010

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Phillippe Ouédraogo’s research with girls in Burkina Faso

I’m writing for our prayer emphasis today on children:
I saw on the news the young child pulled out of the rubble in Haiti.  The expression of celebration with hands thrown into the air said it all.  I thought of how many children in Europe are under a pile of rubble made up of the destruction of religiosity, post-modernity, or just plain apathy?  How many are lying right now under the rubble of abuse, poverty, or disease?  Are we willing to do everything in our power to rescue them? How many hours and dollars were spent to get the reaction of that one child in Haiti who was rescued? Maybe a better question is how many hours did that child have to wait?  May the Lord give us the tools, the passion, and the strategy to rescue Europe’s kids from the rubble of sin that has buried their culture of innocence.
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Social Justice and Hillsong United

I find it interesting that social justice issues – once the domain of the liberal churches, political activists  and non-governmental agencies  have found a home in conservative evangelical and Pentecostal churches. 

As student sent me these links after seeing a movie from Hillsong United and finding a social conscience stirring within: (the movie website itself)
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