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The Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

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A word from the Director: Dr. Wonsuk Ma

The Oxford Centre of Mission Studies (OCMS) is an independent Christian charity, based in the beautiful and ancient city of learning in Oxford, England.

Truly international in its leadership, fully inter­denomina­tional in its reach, and deeply evangelical from its roots to its mission, OCMS brings the world’s church together under one roof to research, reflect and respond to challenges faced across cultures and in the varying economic, social and political contexts in which Christians operate.

For more than thirty years church leaders, mission and development professionals, and global Christian scholars have met under this roof and have sought to better understand how to bring the transforming nature of their faith to effect change in the lives of those they serve.

As a result of research done here, girls who to date have had little or no schooling in Burkina Faso can anticipate achieving literacy; a government has improved their response to the challenges of HIV/AIDS; culturally and religiously sensitive peace and reconciliation programmes have been developed to bring healing to war-torn parts of the world and those who are poor and disempowered are more able to make decisions of their own.rom our international mission-professional gatherings, bright initiatives in mission have been fostered leading to new, strong policies that favour the global south, and Christians from the south have published books bringing their unique perspectives on scripture to a wide audience opening the eyes of believers right around the world.

Our Vision:

To equip leaders, scholars and institutions to bring holistic mission effectively and intelligently to the nations.

Our Mission:

Our goal is to nurture relevant and engaged research for leaders on the cutting edge of Christian ministry and mission globally.

Our Product:

Christian leaders with a deep understanding of the nature of real issues facing global Christianity, who have developed specialist knowledge related to their own particular area of ministry, and who have shaped groundbreaking understanding of how to deal with these challenges – tested from a global perspective.

What we do

OCMS has been training a new generation of mission scholars and practitioners to become a key resource to the church in mission in contemporary contexts of complexity and diversity for almost thirty years. It has drawn key people from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe to its research and post-graduate study programmes.

Through its publications, including the journal ‘Transformation’ and imprint of Regnum Books,OCMS has been a major influence in shaping mission theology and strategy in the growing churches of the Two-Third World, giving voice to those from the south and enabling it to be heard in other parts of the developing world.

Truly global through its structures of governance, its staff and its students, OCMS’s importance to the world church has stemmed largely from the sense of ownership of its work by the Christian leaders of the Two-Thirds World. The Centre is now seen as an vital instrument in the development of post-graduate training institutions in the global South. And through consultations and conferences that are hosted here, global initiatives such as Edinburgh 2010 and Lausanne Conference on World Evangelization have found access to a ready source of rich thinking and informed perspectives.

OCMS nurtures relevant and engaged research for leaders on the cutting edge of Christian ministry and mission globally. By studying in an environment that is culturally sensitive and globally informed, Christian leaders from around the world can engage in groundbreaking scholarship that helps them to understand the nature of the issues they face in their own contexts and ministry, and how better to deal with them.

Because of the research, those in need around the world receive better advocacy, more impactful development work, targeted practical support and more insightful preaching from their churches, and the lives of people from some of the most challenging contexts in the world are changed.

Our programmes offer an attractive and affordable alternative for people from the non-western world, and our approach allows scholars to remain active in their ministries throughout their studies, ensuring that their research is culturally relevant and contextually informed with only minimal disruption to families and ministries.

Please see our website for more information if you are interested in our program.