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Prevette Fall Update – October 2013

We would like to open this Fall 2013 Update with a short reflection from Ky:
We are your gift…your offering…
That’s a rather extraordinary thing to say, isn’t it?  It doesn’t seem at all humble or self-effacing.  In… Continue reading

Prevette Update – Summer 2012

Thinking of ‘Home’ – Ky Prevette


Hello from Oxford, England, our home these past two and a half years.  I smile to myself as I type out “home” because I’ve lived long enough to know that “home” has many… Continue reading

Prevette Update – Spring 2012

The weather is warming and flowers are blooming in Oxford. The days are getting longer and we have just marked our second anniversary living in the UK: we moved to Oxford on April 1, 2010. The last four months have… Continue reading

Christmas 2011 – Prevette Oxford Update


Ahh…Christmas! Everything here is very much the picture of a traditional English Christmas; the English do keep the holiday, but for many in Oxford, Christ is not the central focus. However, the crisp winter backdrop is the perfect setting… Continue reading

October 2011 – Prevette Fall Update

From Ky’s desk overlooking our small English garden (or ‘yard’ in American English):

Oxford is an internationally recognized university city.  In the autumn, the new academic year begins and students flock back (increasing the town's population by over 20,000!), matriculation… Continue reading

Spring 2011 – Prevette Update