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Church & Social Concern

I have added to this page a few books and articles I have found helpful in getting students started in thinking about the chruch and social concern. I will be adding more links in the future and more articles. I think it is important that the church become more concerned for both soiety at large and we should enlarge out understanding of obligation to both neighbor and community.









  • Book Review of Transformation as Mission
    This article was written for the Journal ‘Transformation.’ Willmer questions some of the premises of the book asking questions about how we balance the ‘already/not yet’ dynamic of the future reality of the Kingdom of God with the present reality of our humaness and contemporay society.
  • Towards Evangelism in Context
    Written before he published his Magnum Opus ‘Transforming Mission’ this artice was published in ‘The Chruch in Response to Human Need.’ Bosch makes an arguement for evangelism that goes beyond simply saving souls. He integrates his ideas from Matthew’s Gospel on discipling and evangelism that requires following Jesus in ‘all what he did’ as well as said.
  • Selected bibliography on evangelization and social concern
    This is a selective bibliography, recommended by, and originally published in the “Transformation” journal.
  • Social concern in the context of Jesus’ kingdom, mission and ministry
    This article was written by Murray Dempster and published in “Transformation” journal. Here Dempster discusses an ethical framework for the Kingdom of God and social praxis.





God of the Empty-Handed: Poverty, Power & the Kingdom of God, by Jayakumar Christian
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Book Description: The book addresses the problem of poverty, here seen as the “power that keeps the poor powerless”.