Ky and Bill Prevette

Thoughts on a child in Haiti

Jan. 22, 2010

I received an interesting and thoughtful email from my colleague Tim Southerland concerning prayer for children in Europe and around the world:

 ‘I’m writing for our prayer emphasis today on children:
I saw on the news the young child pulled out of the rubble in Haiti.  The expression of celebration with hands thrown into the air said it all.  I thought of how many children in Europe are under a pile of rubble made up of the destruction of religiosity, post-modernity, or just plain apathy?  How many are lying right now under the rubble of abuse, poverty, or disease?  Are we willing to do everything in our power to rescue them? How many hours and dollars were spent to get the reaction of that one child in Haiti who was rescued? Maybe a better question is how many hours did that child have to wait?  May the Lord give us the tools, the passion, and the strategy to rescue Europe’s kids from the rubble of sin that has buried their culture of innocence.

The crisis in Haiti has helped us to realize once again that the world is a fragile and uncertain place or as Paul would have it, ‘the whole creation groans’. Images from Haiti have dominated the news and media for almost 2 weeks. Relief is starting to reach the country as things become more functional. In a few more weeks the news media will move on but the Haitian people will be coping with this disaster for years.

I am glad to be associated with faith-based organizations and agencies that will remain committed to Haiti for the long term. Many of these agencies were working in Haiti befor the earthquake and have invested years in partnership with the people of Haiti.

As every child in crisis serves to remind us, God had built growing up into human beings. I pray and believe that the child in Tim’s illustration will continue to grow in all that God intends for her. May God grant us the tenacity and perserverance to continue our efforts to see this child and nation come to fullness in the grace of God’s Kingdom.