Ky and Bill Prevette

April 2010 Prevette Update – Arrival in the UK

Arrival In Oxford



On Easter weekend 2010,With some new friends in Oxford Ky and I arrived safely in Oxford. After 11 months of travel in 35 states and 110 meetings with friends, churches and supporters – we finally MADE IT to England. The last month we were stateside, was blur of activity as we moved out of our house, stored most of our belongings, finished our travel and ‘closed down’ our US base of operations.


We owe a huge debt of gratitude to more people than we can name in this update. This 2009-2010 itineration was indeed a challenging time to raise our budget for another four-year term of mission. Thanks to those of you who housed us, invited us to speak, took time to meet with us and placed your confidence in us as your partners and representatives in working around the world with children and youth at risk and training international leaders.


April Research Induction School at OCMS


The first week in the UK Bill was welcomed as a new faculty member at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (see There was little time for formalities as 14 new PhD candidates had just arrived at the Centre for the Spring Research Induction School. These students came from Korea, El Salvador, Ghana, Niger, UK and New York City.  Bill will be mentoring several of these candidates who are working on practice-based research in their areas of mission and calling. Ky was asked to join the Regnum Books International publishing team. We are able carry out these assignments as supported Assemblies of God missionaries; by not receiving a faculty salary we help to underwrite the cost of students who come to Oxford from the Global South for advanced study and research.


 We will be dividing our time between OCMS and continued work with missions in Europe and Asia. This connection with OCMS enables us to blend cutting edge global scholarship with application and practice in our ministry with children and youth at risk. Bill will be getting more involved with international initiatives and interventions where women and children are at risk from human trafficking.


 We will be providing regular updates through our newsletter and website. Ky is making regular postings on Facebook if you want to follow us there. We want to stay connected with our support base in ways that facilitate interactive communication. I will occasionally do interviews with churches and supporters through Skype. Let us know how we can better connect with you.


Until next time, we thank you again for helping us make this move into a new arena of global ministry.