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We are engaged in training, mobilizing and equipping leaders and churches that are working in difficult and marginalized communities. We are committed to ‘holistic transformation’ that is promised in the Good News of the kingdom of God. We are particularly concerned about the needs of exploited, oppressed and ‘at risk’ children, youth, women and men. We are based in Oxford, UK and work internationally with key leaders from the Global South who are leading churches and Christian organizations. Some statistics that influence our work: 

  • Over half a billion children are struggling to survive on under $1 per day
  • 250,000 children and young people are infected with HIV/AIDS every month
  • 130 million children lack access to education and 246 million children are child labourers
  • 8.4 million children are trapped in slavery, trafficking, debt bondage, prostitution, pornography and other illicit activities
  • 500,000 young people under 18 are exploited as child soldiers and 30,000 children die each day from preventable diseases

"Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility."

- Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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Soul Care in the midst of responding to Exploitation – by Ky Prevette

“Those of us who care for others do not wish to admit we can break ourselves.  We are the capable ones, the ones who hold the keys to health, strength and power.  But we DO break…an accumulation of distress and sadness from the external world ...
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Phillippe Ouédraogo’s research with girls in Burkina Faso

I am asked sometimes ‘what do you do at OCMS’? When I tell people that I mentor or tutor students they may not understand what that means. In this post, I provide a short profile of an OCMS student and an ‘abstract’ of his very ...
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Thoughts on a child in Haiti

Jan. 22, 2010 I received an interesting and thoughtful email from my colleague Tim Southerland concerning prayer for children in Europe and around the world: ‘I’m writing for our prayer emphasis today on children: I saw on the news the young child pulled out of ...
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Palm Sunday April 2017 – Prevette Easter Update

Palm Sunday – Prevette Update It is a lovely Spring day in England! Today is Palm Sunday and we have just returned from a service at our local village church where we celebrated the historic entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. The contrast of beauty and ...
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Autumn Update 2016 – As Seasons Change

Prevette Autumn Update – October 1, 2016 As Seasons Change… Greetings from Oxford, England–we are beginning a special time of year here in northern Europe.  Ky and I have always loved Autumn and these colder regions really know how to display their colors and dazzle ...
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Meeting the needs of "at risk" families, children and youth through action, research, and spiritual formation.