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Children at Risk

Children are by nature vulnerable. Here are resources on child development, risk factors, and child theology.



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Working with Children Who have Experienced Sexual Abuse


Measuring and MonitoringMeasuring and Monitoring Children’s Well-Being
by Asher Ben-Arieh, Israel National Council for the Child, Natalie Hevener Kaufman

“This is an easy to read book with good information for professionals searching to find ways to measure and monitor well-being in today’s children and adolescents.” –International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health, 14 (2002)
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Since 2002, a growing number of practitioners and theologians have taken interest in Children and Theology. Keith White and Haddon Willmer are key thinkers in this field. I have done doctoral research with Dr. Willmer and post here a paper that I presented at a conference to give a general overview of the subject. In addition I am posting a number of documents that have been presented at recent conference and discussions with the Child Theology movement.

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The Teaching Church
by Roehlkepartain, Eugene (1993).

While this fine book relates to church-based Christian education in general, many sections summarize research conducted by the Search Institute on children’s ministry and church ministry that significantly influences children’s lives. During the summer of 2003, the Search Institute received a major research grant to conduct additional research of the spiritual lives of children, a long-term project to be coordinated by Eugene Roehlkepartain.
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Regarding Children with HIV/AIDS

Residential Care

Keith White is a colleague in the UK. He lives and works in London from his home, which have been a place for families who are in need for three generations. This is called Mill Grove. Keith has written on alternatives to residential care and I include here some of his articles. Please do not circulate these articles without permission of the author. Keith can be contacted at