Ky and Bill Prevette

Prevette Update – Summer 2012

Thinking of ‘Home’ – Ky Prevette


Hello from Oxford, England, our home these past two and a half years.  I smile to myself as I type out “home” because I’ve lived long enough to know that “home” has many meanings! 


Home is where I find my present life—within a small semi-detached house with an overgrown hollyhock garden, leading chapel prayer with OCMS scholars from around the world, anticipating a year’s training in spiritual direction, and marveling at the ministry so well suited to the gifts of my mission-minded husband. 


But “home” is also where I long to return to see my family.  From Los Angeles to Graeagle in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the California highways link me to my childhood–my brother, my father (and each of their beloved partners), my ailing mother–and most recently, our grown son. I miss these loved ones more poignantly each passing year. 


Other “homes” clamor in my mind, “What about us, we count too?” There were our three rental homes in Thailand, our walled-in cement home in Cambodia, our corner home amidst the blocks of Bucharest, and the five itineration homes in the States!


I hope you are not thinking just “houses” when I speak of “homes”.  I mean life – friends, colleagues, pets, struggles, mistakes and victories – all of the memories as well as the houses.  And every home can make a mark on your heart, I know, I have many marks.  Sometimes that is painful, but mostly it makes me incredibly grateful.  There are so many ways to live a life; I am fortunate to taste such a variety.  


So back to the original intent of this nostalgic ramble–hello and welcome from our home to yours! May you be well in body, mind and spirit and may the love of God enfold you as you cross our threshold.


Love to each of you,


  •  Our son Daniel is writing a weekly column for LA Family Magazine and you might want to read his thoughts on ‘Home’ by clicking here.

 Other News from Bill:


I came down with a nasty case of shingles during Easter week; this was during our Spring Research Induction School at OCMS. This might have had something to do with the stress and expense of renewing our UK Tier 2 – Minister of Religion Visa in mid March. Thanks to everyone who prayed for me during that time.



In May, I was back in Romania, a place that indeed feels like ‘home’. On this trip, I was asked to speak at the National Youth Conference, which is called Peniel. I also spoke at a men’s retreat in Transylvania, taught in seven churches and thoroughly enjoyed being back with my Romanian friends. Teen Challenge Romania has been recognized by the national government as a leader in care for youth addicted to hard drugs.


I am organizing an international consultation for later in the year concerning global mission focused on youth and children. The objective of the conference is to produce a new practitioner oriented book in the Edinburgh 2010 Mission Series. Pictured are regional representatives who work with faith-based projects in Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe.


I continue to tutor a number of doctoral students at OCMS and have now examined several PhD theses. We continue to be inspired by the men and women who are coming to OCMS. Amongst those arriving for the summer were Munther Isaac, a Palestinian working with Bethlehem Bible School, Esther Mahon an Indian national who has spent the last 15 years working in Japan, Kofi Wafe, a Pentecostal leads a national media ministry in Ghana, and Robert Oh, a Korean mission leader from Los Angeles who has worked in Cambodia since 2002.


In closing, I mention a recurring question that seems common to missionaries. Do you wonder how your life is making a contribution in light of all we know of the present pain in our world? Somehow it seems that no matter what we do in life there is still a longing for something more.  


Ky’s reflection on ‘home’ reminded me of a quote from C.S. Lewis:

 The sweetest thing in all my life has been the longing — to reach the Mountain, to find the place where all the beauty came from — my country, the place where I ought to have been born… the longing for home. For indeed it now feels not like going, but like going back.”


So, we think of home – both present and future – our friends and family, and supporting churches. I pray we are faithful to represent you well and that God finds us as good stewards of your confidence in us. Thanks for your ongoing interest and support of our work.


Blessings and grace to you,

 Bill and Ky Prevette