Ky and Bill Prevette

October 2006

 Prevette Report
October 2006

Bill and Ky Prevette
Serving AGWM in Bucharest, Romania


Cooler Weather and the Rush of Autumn

Our son, Daniel, will be 18 years old on October 8th; his birthday arrives each year in the midst of many autumn activities. As I write this newsletter, the leaves are changing, the nights are cooler and we are enjoying a welcome respite from the heat of the Bucharest summer. We enjoy this season in

Romania before winter comes and quickly covers the city with snow and ice from late November through early March. Here are some of our ministry highlights over the past few months:


May – June

Bill taught two intensive courses in mission and ministry in Oradea and Constanta, Romania. Please pray concerning renovation of an older building for the Bible School in Constanta. This school has a number of graduates that are working crossculturally with Turkish and Gypsy families. The Romanian Assemblies of God celebrated its 10th year anniversary in May with a number of guests visiting from the USA. AG missionaries from Southeastern Europe gathered in Greece for a retreat and our family enjoyed this time with the extended ‘missionary family’. In mid June, Daniel travelled solo to the US for summer work in Oakhurst, CA and was able to see family and visit university campuses with Ky in August.

July – August

Ky and Bill ‘held the fort’ here in Bucharest as a number of our AG colleagues went on furlough in June. We worked in our field offices, continued to give oversight to several Missionary Associates, assisted Teen Challenge and the International Church. Thank you for praying for Bucharest International Christian Assembly. We mentioned in earlier correspondence that this church went through a difficult transition in early 2006 and by mid-summer was returning to health. We have been involved in teaching, preaching, meeting with the leadership and helping the church through this change. Ky spent a few weeks with family in California in August and Bill worked for three weeks at the Oxford Center for Mission Studies continuing his part-time doctoral research.



Daniel began his last year of high school in Bucharest in late August and the pace of our lives seemed to accelerate with every day of the month. Bill was asked to continue serving as school board chairman for Bucharest Christian Academy and as the country moderator for the AG field fellowship in Romania. Each weekend found him speaking around the country at leadership conferences with university leaders one week, secondary students from BCA the next, and mission leaders from the Pentecostal Union the third. Ky began to train her replacement in the field business office and restarted her international women’s bible study. She has also been serving on an area-wide committee to bring “Movements of Grace” to AG missionary women at a retreat in October. We also participated in the dedication of two new ministry facilities in Bucharest where the Assemblies of God has been a significant partner. We hosted our field director, Greg Mundis, for the dedication of the new Casa Agar, a home for the mothers at risk of child abandonment operated by Touched Romania and Raegan Glugosh. This weekend Bill will participate in a gathering of 200+ emerging leaders and will be speaking on ‘Ethics and Education – the Role of the Church in the EU’. If you have not heard the news, Romania will be admitted to the European Union in January of 2007.


A Word from Ky – the “Business Manager” in the Prevette Household:

I live in a house filled with books…my grandfather would be so pleased! He was a man that loved learning and knew that books opened the door to new worlds, new ideas, and new possibilities. That’s exactly what some of the books in our house are doing – beckoning to new horizons, showing new depths, and launching us into heavenly realms… Why so many books you ask? I am the wife of a scholar, the mother of a student and I am the family ‘book keeper’! When our family walks down the streets of Bucharest I am flanked by two “pillars of learning” and I have my own brand of knowledge to add to the mix. Without a doubt, I am an academically blessed and rich woman, but at the same time, our family ‘books’ show that we need to ask for your help to order to complete the next year.


For those of you who may not know, we have decided to extend our current term for a fifth year of service in Romania. There are several reasons for this. One is to see Daniel graduate from high school on the mission field with students he knows. The second reason is, we were asked by our AGWM leadership to provide senior missionary/country coordinator oversight for our younger, still-growing-in-experience, Bucharest based colleagues. We are willing to do this, but unforeseen tuition hikes, increased cost of living due to Romania’s plan to enter the European Union, and our own AGWM system based on the normal, four year term will put our 00 (missionary work account) $16,000 into the red before June 2007.


Are you able to help us remain in place this last year? We will need additional financial help by January, 2007. Rather than leave the field, we are asking if you would be willing to make a one-time, special offering to our mission 00 (work budget) account. Perhaps your church’s mission emphasis this fall or winter will generate extra funds. Please pray and consider making an offering towards our account (#227505 5)


If you don’t have extra finances available, would you please pray that someone else will? Your support and interest have sustained us over many years and several fields and we appreciate you greatly. We come to you with this further request hoping that we won’t be packing our ‘books and belongings’ too early!