Ky and Bill Prevette

November 2005

Prevette Report
November 2005

Bill and Ky Prevette
Serving with AGWM in Bucharest, Romania


Hold on a minute, we can’t possibly be approaching the end of 2005 – that can’t be right. We sent out our last general newsletter in April and the snow was just melting here in Bucharest and now you tell me that Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner. Am I the only one experiencing ‘time compression’ or does it seem to you that the pace of life and change is accelerating all around us. As I look back over the calendar of the last six months I realize we have been pretty active with ministry, travel and life. Here are a few highlights: 


May: I began the month teaching a college level course on missiology in Constanta in SE Romania (now infamous for the discovery of Avian Flu in the region). On May 15th Ky was diagnosed with atypical hyperplasia and the doctors in Bucharest recommended a hysterectomy but we decided on further tests before having surgery. The Romanian AG General Council was held in Bucharest with a number of US guests and pastors present. Late in the month, Bill traveled to Hamburg, Germany to meet with a small group of European missionaries to assist the regional director in strategic planning for the region.


June: Dr. Roger and Gayle Heuser from Vanguard University (Southern California) joined us in leading an emerging leaders conference here in Bucharest – 40 young leaders from around the country attended as Roger taught on the importance of leaders developing a balance between activism and inner

spiritual life. We then traveled with Roger and Gayle to Thessalonica, Greece for the Eastern European missionary retreat where AGWM missionaries from the Balkan region gathered for several days to renew our hearts and spirits. Late in the month, we returned to Bucharest to meet with Ray Jennings and Scott Fontenot, pastors and good friends from the Seattle area that were in Romania to assist Gypsy ministries in Brasov.


July – August: Daniel boarded a plane on July 2 to fly solo to the USA where he spent six weeks working on a ranch with good friends in Western Colorado. The next day, Mom and Dad got in the trusty Toyota Land Cruiser (cheers to STL) and began an 8 day drive across Europe to return the vehicle to Gibraltar to update the expired registration. It’s a long story but the vehicle cannot be registered in Romania. We saw a lot of Romania, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Spain from the front seat of the car and recommend taking more time to discover Europe if we do this trip in the future. From Gibraltar we traveled by air to Oxford, England. Bill had planned a doctoral summer residency and Ky saw a surgeon as soon as we arrived in UK. The doctor performed a hysterectomy in Oxford on July 15th. We contacted some of you by email that week and thank you for praying for her surgery and recovery. We remained in Oxford through mid August, Bill doing research, writing and replacing a dying computer while Ky recuperated after the surgery. We were blessed to make many new friends and we stayed in the small English village of Eynsham. While in England, Romania was hit with some of the worst summer floods in recent history but the crisis never made the headlines in most Western media as the world’s attention was focused on London and the bombings of the public transport system. 


Our family reunited in Bucharest on August 19th and Daniel began his 11th grade year at Bucharest Christian Academy August 25th. With the start of the academic year, Bill continued his role as Board

chairman at BCA and Ky became engaged in many of the school’s activities.


September – October: Like most overseas families with kids still in school, September for us is usually month of getting ‘back in gear’. Daniel reestablished his routine at school, Ky resumed the

international women’s bible study at our home and Bill got back to work with board and leadership

responsibilities at the AG Field office, Teen Challenge Romania and Touched Romania (a

ministry for women at risk and abandoned children). The last week of September, Bill was in UK again, helping to lead a global conference concerning Children at Risk. The Cutting Edge Conference is held every 18 months and is attended by over 300 leaders from agencies around the world working

with at risk youth and children. Bill’s involvement the past several years with both the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies and the Viva Network continues to converge with the number of faith based agencies and organizations (like AGWM) who are increasingly involved in ministry to children at risk.


See and follow the links to Cutting Edge if you are interested in the proceedings from this or previous conference or contact us if we can help network your church or organization with resources for understanding how you can become more involved with Children at Risk.


In October, Bill spent three weeks in the USA speaking in churches and conventions in Denver, Seattle and Southern California and was invited to present a research symposium at Vanguard University. The unfavorable dollar to Euro exchange continues to put pressure on our monthly operational budget so we are very thankful for your ongoing financial partnership and prayer for our family. We still plan to be based in Romania until June of 2007.


In writing this brief report and reviewing our last six months, it is no surprise that our time has felt a bit ‘compressed’. God has been very good to us; we enjoy good health, Ky is now almost completely recovered from surgery and there continue to be many open doors for ministry and leadership.


We feel especially honored to represent our friends and supporting churches here in Eastern Europe. We have been missionaries with AGWM for over 17 years and know that our work is an extension of those at home that have enabled us to serve in this capacity. Thanks again for partnering with us for the Kingdom sake.


Bill, Ky and Daniel