Ky and Bill Prevette

May 2007

 Prevette Report
May 2007

Bill and Ky Prevette


We are rapidly coming to the end of a five year term in Romania; our family is experiencing the full range of emotions that accompany a major transition from living overseas. Daniel is preparing to enter university and we are saying goodbye to friends and turning over ministry responsibilities.


When we wrote our Christmas letter in December 2006, we assumed our upcoming ‘home assignment year’ would be in Southern California to reconnect with supporting churches, friends and family. Our plans changed in January when we were invited to come and teach for a year at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. We flew to Florida in March and interviewed with the dean and faculty. Daniel was offered a scholarship plus an MK discount in his tuition costs. We felt that God was leading us in this direction and decided to accept an MIR (Missionary in Residence) position at SEU from 2008/2009. Bill will spend the next six months completing his PhD and then begin teaching at SEU. He will also travel to speak in our supporting churches. We share with you in this update some of our thoughts and emotions as we prepare to leave Romania.


Ky has worked in the AG Romania Field office our entire term; she spent the first three months of 2007 training a Romanian accountant and another missionary to take over her ‘system’. She left most of her office responsibilities in early April to focus her energies on preparing for the move. In a recent letter to a missionary colleague she wrote:


I would think that with 20+ years of missionsservice, four countries and five international moves behind me (not counting all the ‘little incountry’ changes of housing, offices and schools) I would be totally at ease with the chaos of moving. But the truth is, I find myself generally flustered with all the details of sorting/selling/shipping…finding a new home in the USA via internet…making university financial plans… emotionally processing the upcoming empty nest…and trying to build a “raft" according to all the suggested ‘transition principles’ we’ve been taught in calmer times. Sometimes I have it together, but more often I don’t maybe it would be better to just throw up my hands and get on a plane! Thank you for praying for us. When the dust settles, I’ll let you know how it all worked out.


Daniel has excelled in his last year of high school; he was accepted at two universities in California before deciding to attend SEU. He plans to study communication, theatre and writing and is looking forward to starting a new phase of life. He made these comments when asked about the upcoming move: 

This move is going to offer some really awesome opportunities, as well as some serious challenges. However, like most MK’s, I tend to look forward to transitions with a sense of adventure and expectation. I have long believed that the toughest ‘mission field’ might be the USA, so I approach our move with determination and a willingness to adapt to a new culture with a southern twang and biscuits. The last few months in Bucharest have had their trials, mostly due to a crippling case of ‘senioritis’, but I have come to realize that finding my niche in America will be determined in part by how well I leave with my niche here. I will be replacing high school in the city blocks of Bucharest with college life in the humidity of Florida and I look forward it.


In February, Bill returned from a three week residency in Oxford and began handing over his leadership responsibilities with the Romania Field fellowship. These last few months he has dedicated more hours each week towards writing his doctoral thesis but continues to work with several ministries and provide pastoral leadership at our international church. In an email to our area director he said:

These last few months have been something of an emotional roller coaster. I have enjoyed working with our Bible Schools, Teen Challenge, Bucharest Christian Academy, and the International Church I don’t think I fully appreciated the many ways that God had allowed me to serve here until I started having to say goodbye. Taking more time for writing [the thesis] has been a challenge; as you know I enjoy spending time with people and mentoring younger leaders in ministry. Writing is much more isolated and not what I consider my primary gift. I am hopeful that on completion of the degree I will be able to make a meaningful contribution to others who are working with churches, children and youth at risk.


As we complete this term, we are especially mindful of the continued faithfulness of friends and supporters. Transition is not especially easy but it forces us to reflect on what has transpired.

We have made some lasting friendships in Romania, thank you for allowing us to represent you. We look forward to seeing many of you over the next couple of years while we are home to reconnect.



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