Ky and Bill Prevette

December 2004

Christmas Prevette Report
December 2004

Bill and Ky Prevette
Serving with AGWM in Bucharest, Romania

A Grateful Christmas from Ky

With Christmas on its way and many cards and letters arriving in our mailbox, we want to say “Merry Christmas” back to you! What a great time of the year to communicate love and appreciation for those that make our ministry in Eastern Europe possible. We would not be here if it weren’t for you.


Another thought provoking holiday has already slipped past, but it ties in with what I want to express to you— thanksgiving. Despite the nationally declared day being past, I want to take this day to communicate our thanks to you for another year of support.


You may be thinking that the coming of a New Year brings about this musing of thanksgiving, communication and the need to write a note, but despite the holiday “prompts” another incident actually moves me to write. Here’s how it happened…


Bill and I had a difficult exchange with one of our employees regarding a pay raise. The manner in which the request came across was uncharacteristically demanding and I took offense. I read this as a distinct lack of gratitude for what had already been provided and it angered me. The next day, when emotions had quieted a bit, we had an open discussion regarding the need and our means to meet it. A clearer understanding of one another’s situation helped us come to a mutually agreeable solution. All has worked out well.


Because confrontation is so difficult for me, I spend lots of time mulling over any disturbance that involves me personally. Thinking this one through, I realized I was most troubled by the lack of gratitude I initially perceived. I began to wonder if I ever seemed ungrateful. Do I sometimes fail to see the cost of donations given to me? I feared that I might, and that’s when you – our supporters, friends and family came to mind!


Almost like watching a movie in my mind, I began to see the many different hands that put money into mine. Some hands were old and arthritic, giving from hard earned savings and meager social security incomes. Some hands were well manicured and in a hurry to go about their own business and success, giving out of funds they would really rather use themselves, but giving in obedience just the same. Some hands were young, chubby and dimpled, giving out of a lesson taught by a devout mother or dedicated Sunday School teacher. Some hands gave and returned to prayer. All hands directly touched mine.


“Seeing” your hands this way makes things much more personal. It takes me out of that administrative mode where the AGWM financial statement, with all its classes and codes, makes the money seem so automatic and strictly “business”. I can easily do the accounts and be accurate and professional, but I would much rather receive your gift, clasp your hand and squeeze my gratitude in return! With that and my smile, you would know tangibly that you are appreciated and esteemed. What a wonderful

way to begin a new year together… 


We three Prevettes salute you! Merry Christmas!

Bill, Ky and Daniel