Ky and Bill Prevette

August 2004

Mid Summer Prevette Report
August 2004

Bill and Ky Prevette
Serving with AGWM in Bucharest, Romania


Summer ’04 finds the Prevettes taking a couple of weeks to visit friends and family in the USA while attending a few meetings and working on staying connected with our supporters. This newsletter will give you some brief highlights of our activities since our last report sent out in January.

The first quarter of 2004 was filled with board meetings, training conferences and teaching assignments for Bill while Ky continued to manage our Bucharest AGWM field office. 

Daniel worked his way though to spring break making almost all A’s at Bucharest Christian Academy. The pace of life in Romania after two years in country has now reached a steady if not demanding rhythm. Ky continued to work with the women in our international church leading bible studies at our home.



There are several Pentecostal Bible Colleges in Romania that have asked Bill to teach intensive block classes in mission, theology and social concern. These schools serve the over 2,600 Pentecostal churches of the country. While many new churches have been started in Romania since the fall of communism in 1989, there continues to be a genuine shortage of trained pastors, leaders, teachers and church workers. It is common in our travels out of Bucharest to meet pastors that are leading 8-10 churches. This was the model developed during the communist period in Romania (1946-1989) where a single pastor would provide oversight to elders and deacons at numerous locations and all religious education was very controlled and restricted by the socialist State.

The changes since the revolution have allowed the registered churches to open several new Bible Schools and they receive students that range in age from 21 to 55, making the classes and discussions both interesting and challenging to teach. The younger Romanians are very strong learners, good readers; they have grown up since the end of communism in a period of increasing openness, freedom and interaction with western culture. These students are proving to be a very different generation than their elders who learned difficult lessons in preserving their faith under the Ceausescu regime; on the other hand the older leaders in Romania are much more traditional in their understanding of church. There are major cultural transitions occurring in Romania and we believe one of the best contributions we can make is to help mentor and train emerging leaders who must engage and grapple with the changes brought about by the free market and western commercialism in a post communist society. 

Our focus with this younger generation (leaders under 30) continues to take shape in speaking at conferences, developing a new leadership forum, mentoring and teaching both in Bible Schools and local churches and in universities.



Early in April, we attended the Eastern Europe Leadership forum in Bulgaria – this is a bi-annual event for AGWM missionaries to meet and discuss strategic direction in our area. We were joined this year by John and Lois Bueno the World Executive Directors of AGWM. Just before leaving for the meetings, Bill received word from his family in North Carolina that his mother (Cam) had had emergency surgery and was in intensive care at Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem. Cam’s condition began to deteriorate and he flew home and 

spent several weeks with her. At that critical time, many of you prayed for us – Cam spent several weeks in ICU, and then she needed a trachea tube to assist her breathing. She was released to a nursing home and after almost 3 months of care she has made what we feel is a miraculous recovery. She is now living in her own apartment, taking care of herself and we will see her in a few days before we return to Romania. We thank each of you for your prayers as we have certainly seen God’s hand in restoring Cam to health.

Bill left Cam in the hospital as she began to improve and returned to Romania in lead a workshop at a retreat for university students and then the entire family went to the city of Craiova, Romania to work other AG missionaries with a Convoy of Hope Outreach to over 2,500 gypsies. Convoy of Hope is a ministry that provides tangible help for poor communities and the Craiova outreach was the first of its kind in Romania.

In May, Bill attended the Oxford World Mission Briefings as part of his ongoing work in his doctoral research program. The research is progressing and it is a challenge to budget the time to this process. The field research (interviews, case studies and visits to project sites for evaluation) will be completed sometime early next year and then the data collected must be coded and analyzed. The PhD research is helping to open many doors in both academics and practical research and in July he was given a grant to attend a Global Child Theology forum in Malaysia which was a special privilege. On return to Bucharest, he hosted a research team from the University of Southern California doing work on Faith Based organizations in Romania and Armenia.

In June our family attended a special event, the All Europe Retreat was hosted by Greg and Sandie Mundis, Regional Directors for Europe. This was our first time to meet many of the missionary families serving in the Europe region; after 13 years in the Asia Pacific region we felt very welcomed by the Europe family. There were over 450 missionaries with their children at this retreat held near Barcelona, Spain. Daniel, who is now 6’6”, loves anything to do with MK events (Missionary Kids are in a class all by themselves as far as we are concerned). Daniel made many new friends and email makes it easy for MKs around the world to stay in touch with one another – I can see that his Outlook Address book is going to have more addresses than mine.

Thanks for your continued prayers for our families, Ky spent a couple weeks on this summer trip with her mother and father, both have had some health problems – do remember Ky and her parents in your prayers. We will return Bucharest on Aug. 16th and anticipate a busy fall and winter. Please stay in touch with us, our new web address and email address in on the masthead of this letter and our website is completely redesigned.


Thanks for your love and support,

Bill, Ky and Daniel