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Prevette Fall 2009 – Update

Prevette Update

Fall 2009

 Autumn arrived a few days ago; we trust your fall season will be one of spiritual, emotional and physical vigour and welcome new ventures.  May the cooler weather and changing patterns of sunlight remind us of God’s grace in the seasons that shape our lives, families and vocations.

 Itineration: strengthening connections and building networks

Itinerate – ‘To travel from place to place – or on a circuit’

We completed our one year commitment as the ‘Missionaries-in- Residence’ at Southeastern University in May 2009. Working with several hundred bright and eager students preparing for a life of service overseas as missionaries, educators, social workers provided us with a wonderful opportunity to invest in the lives of emerging leaders.  

 In preparation for our next overseas assignment in Oxford, UK and working with children at risk internationally, Bill began the work of ‘missionary itineration’.  Here is a bit of elaboration on the process… Continue reading